Pre-purchase Survey
This condition and value survey is a comprehensive survey done prior
to the purchase of a vessel.  The on board portion of the survey will
take 6-8 hours on a 35' to 45' vessel depending on the number of
systems on the vessel.  It is advised that the buyer be present during
the inspection.  The inspection covers the structural integrity, electrical,
mechanical, propulsion, fuel and plumbing systems.  Typically the
vessel is hauled out to examine the running gear and hull condition.  A
sea trial is conducted assessing the performance of the vessel.

Survey for Vessel Insurance
This survey is for the insurance company to determine the condition,
value and acceptable risk of the vessel.  This survey is similar to the
Pre-purchase survey but may or may not require a haul out.  A sea trial
is usually not required either.

Vessel Appraisal Report
This report looks at the general condition of the vessel and assesses
the current market value for financing, estate settlements, donations

Damage Survey
This survey assesses the extent of damage, recommends repairs,
estimates repairs and reports on probable cause.
Insurance companies hire surveyors to investigate claims.  The
surveyor should be unbiased but remember who is paying him.  
If you have a claim and feel that the report was incorrect it may
be in your best interest to hire your own surveyor.  Keep in
mind that our report will be unbiased.

Corrosion Survey
This survey determines the level of protection against galvanic
corrosion for the thru-hulls, engine and other equipment.  Stray current
can also be detected by this survey.